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Managing a Lead List to MAXIMIZE Production

Doesn't matter how good or bad your CRM system is...we all get lead lists at some point in our careers. Some are perfectly maintained and set up and denoted...and most aren't. Almost every lead list has really good leads in it. And EVERY lead list has some REALLY bad leads in it (no info, bad info, out-of-market, or just a**holes).

Most #sportsbiz sales reps get their lead list and blindly start calling through the list. That's fine. You can definitely do that. But it really is not the worst idea to take a step back and spend 30 minutes prioritizing that lead list. Prioritizing can be an instant scrub of bad information. It can keep us from blindly calling someone who lives 500 miles away. It can keep us from calling someone who told us to never call them again. Reps often do all those things AS they are calling through the lists. That severely disrupts call momentum. You want to maximize calls? Maximize your lead list first.

Listen, there are always crazy leads that close...but they close at a crazy low close rate. We want to consistently put ourselves in better statistical positions to get better statistical results. So what can a #sportsbiz sales rep look for to prioritize leads, maximize lead lists, and consistently call leads with higher close rates?

  • Buying History: If the lead bought multiple games historically, or bought high value seats...that's probably a pretty good lead. If they came to a game and also bought merch online...that's probably a pretty good lead. Multiple, big, or multiple big buying events are good leads.

  • Address: Just don't call someone who lives over 100 miles away. Just don't do it. I know the one guy you called 3 years ago who bought, or the story of the guy who has season tickets from 4 states over...but it's just not worth your time to try to be a part of that .0000000001% close rate.

  • Area Code: Many people can move to a market and have a different area code. I was in Houston for 3 years before I went from 860 to 832. But, as crazy as it sounds, local area codes tend to have more local people associated. I wouldn't disqualify out of market area codes (like addresses), but I wouldn't prioritize them.

Sales is math and art. Math doesn't just come into play with your pipeline or making more touchpoints. It means consistently putting yourself in better positions to make sales. Taking 30 minutes to prioritize leads, with the information above, can do just that for you. It's not about NOT calling's about prioritization. If I'm going to try to make 50 calls this morning...I want those to be against the absolute 50 best leads I can get my hands on.

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