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  • Brett Zalaski

My New Year's Resolution

So I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Resolutions...and I wasn't planning on writing one...but I had four site submissions asking me what it was...and this site is all about giving the people what they I took a step back and thought about it.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I did have something I wanted to communicate. It dovetailed with something I've long thought...and something my pastor put some perspective on at a recent service. The topic was making 2019 the 'Best Year Ever', and he was speaking about where our priorities were focused in the new year. Each priority was able to be bracketed in one of three buckets; survival, success, and significance.

This dovetailed with how I look at people in #sportsbiz...including myself. What do I mean?

  1. Survival: I get to show up to work every day, collect a paycheck, and work for a pro sports team. I just want to sell enough tickets to keep this job. Whatever else I hope people don't pay attention to me.

  2. Success: I'm selling tickets, I'm doing my job, the organization likes me, I'm paying rent, have enough for food, and I can have some fun on the weekends. I'm dedicated to improving myself to a point...but my goal's lie in finding success in I want to sell tickets and get the credit that comes with selling those tickets...regardless of how I do it.

  3. Significance: I want to make every fan I interact with's life better by coming to more games at less cost. I want to draw people closer to our team through their interaction with ME. I want to elevate my sales ability by learning about my job as a profession and enhancing my abilities. I want to elevate those around me through the knowledge I gain by educating myself.

Here's the thing...I don't fault people in bucket's 1 or 2. We are all at different places at different times with different priorities. Some people's focus is on themselves. Or making money. Or just getting through the day. That's their prerogative. That said, the one's who truly leave an impact on their fans, their communities, and the #sportsbiz industry will all fall in bucket #3.

So that's my New Year's resolution. My New Year's resolution is to increase the consistency with which I provide content on to support #sportsbiz sales reps feeling empowered and impactful, and to increase the footprint of Empowerment of a Salesperson to empower more #sportsbiz sales reps to push themselves towards bucket #3 in how they try to impact their organization and community.

What's your New Year's resolution on this front? Is it one of survival? Is it one to maintain success? Or is it one of significance? I understand that attacking a goal of significance is very challenging, but if you don't aim for don't get close. But as the great coach Lou Holtz said on the right...I believe you have the ability within you to achieve it. You got this job for a reason, you can make a positive impact on the #sportsbiz industry. I can't believe that God put YOU on this Earth to be ordinary.

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