• Brett Zalaski

New Era of Sales Training

Almost everything is becoming digital these days...and corporate training is no exception. Getting ahead of that trend in #sportsbiz has been Inspiration Sports Business Institute (ISBI). With an ever-expanding catalog of training, key partnerships with various leagues, and an impressive stable of leaders and coaches, ISBI is already making a very strong impact on the industry.

Starting with the platform as a coach in 2018, I grew to understand the capabilities and benefits of the ticket sales program. Giving a rep a strong training platform, consistent opportunities for growth over time, a sense of accountability on completing the program, and having coaching that gave real-time feedback are all huge advantages to the program...all while not having to take a rep off the phone for a few days at a time.

When I was approached to create my own platform...I jumped at the opportunity. While there continues to be tremendous value in traditional sales training, there is also a place for this new era of training...and I feel very blessed to be a part of it.

My platform was created behind the idea of the actions, processes, and behaviors it takes for a modern #sportsbiz sales rep to be successful. On this website, I have received almost 500 topic submissions from sales reps. Hearing over and over and over what sales reps are looking for from training helped shape my curriculum. Simply put, the goal of my offering is to empower reps to be more efficient as salespeople, in every action they take. The platform will go for 8 weeks, covering topics like:

  • Traits & Behaviors That Separate Top Salespeople (over two modules)

  • Effective Questioning

  • Running Your Own Business & Maximizing Game Nights

  • Time Management, Pipeline Management, & Lead Qualification

  • Objection Handling (B2C & B2B)

  • Creating Mega-Groups

  • Defining Your Sales Voice

If you would like more information on ISBI, or my platform, please feel free to email me at