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One HUGE #COVID19 Selling Secret

I've had a chance to connect with #sportsbiz sales reps during #COVID19 in a pretty substantial way. I've also had a chance to listen to over 100 of them sell or role play. The thing that has stood out the most is that, more than I've ever heard, sales reps feel like they need to be buttoned up in their pitch more than ever. They feel like they need to be perfect right now to give themselves a chance to sell.

Y''s the exact opposite. People want to connect with people right now. They want your fandom more than ever...and not a robot sales pitch. They want to be heard more than ever...not you spewing information at them. They want to talk about how #COVID19 is impacting them because you lead with empathy...not avoiding the elephant in the room entirely.

The biggest secret to selling during this #COVID19 holiday season is YOU giving other people the gift of YOU. Be real. Be empathetic. Listen before you speak. Ask questions that matter. Talk about how sports tickets have impacted their life. Talk about how sports tickets will impact their life. Pain a picture of a return to normalcy. Create hope and optimism for 2021.

And if you get through all that? Sell them some tickets.

People aren't looking for you to apologize for doing your job. If someone gets pissed at you for doing so? That's on them, not on you. Have grace, pick up the phone again, and aim for real connection with the next dial. That's the secret to selling during #COVID19. It's being as YOU as YOU possibly can...

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