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  • Brett Zalaski


A few months ago, within a few days, I had two sales reps write into the site independently saying that they were having problems with people they called back to NOT doing what they said they were going to. One wrote:

...They say they are going to talk to their wives. They never do. They say they are going to talk to their friends. They never do. Each good conversation I have seems to disappear. How do I get them to do what they say they are going to do?

This is a really good question...because it's something I know many sales reps struggle with. We just spent a lot of time breaking it down in a training that I was doing...and there are a lot of BS answers to this question. The real answer to this question is that reps need to have an intention or goal for every conversation. To often reps call people aimlessly. No real goal, no real intent, just calling people. If you are an aimless salesperson, you'll create aimless buyers!

What does intention look like? Here's my breakdown for every call a ticket seller may make in a day:

  • Calling a ticket buyer: I'm trying to sell them tickets right now.

  • Calling back a ticket buyer: I'm trying to drive the conversation forward by pushing for an answer or uncovering a new objection.

  • Cold-calling a business: I'm trying to set a meeting..

  • Follow-up call with a business: I'm trying to get them on-site to deliver the proposal.

  • Calling a current season ticket holder/partial plan buyer: I'm trying to push them towards renewing or upgrading their current package.

  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

There are multiple ways to accomplish everything I said above...but that doesn't change my goal for that conversation. Also, not every conversation is going to go exactly that way. You have to be flexible, because not every conversation is perfect...but that doesn't mean you don't have a goal for that specific conversation, either. Taking the time to set goals for every interaction will make you a more focused salesperson. If you're more focused in each interaction, you'll have less conversations that float away.

We'll talk in a future blog how to attack the above interaction specifically...because it will happen no matter how focused you are...but I can tell you that most of your problems in this regard will be solved by taking a deep breath, focusing on the task at hand, and executing towards that plan. Turn Ready...Shoot...Aim into Ready...Aim...Fire! Your results will be way better.

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