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  • Brett Zalaski

Sales Christmas Morning

I was in a conversation with a sales rep yesterday as they were explaining to me the quantity of phone calls they've done during the pandemic. It was really impressive. Despite all that, he said he was really struggling with selling right now. He seemed surprised when I said, 'Of course you are.'

I then asked, 'How are you going to feel the first day we know when people will be in the stands?' He replied really honestly, 'Overwhelmed.' I then said, 'You're doing this wrong.'

Quantity is important, quality and focus is more important. If you're focused on numbers for the sake of numbers, you're not really doing much. If you're focused on quality conversations and creating a follow-up plan, that's right where you should be.

The minute we're back on sale should not feel overwhelming. It should feel like Christmas Morning. You race into the office, pull this highly cultivated list out, and close sale, after sale, after sale. It should feel like the greatest on-sale ever. Again, it's a tough time to close...but it shouldn't stop you from doing your job...and setting future you up for success.

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