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  • Brett Zalaski

Sales is Marketing...So Here's What You Need to Market to Sell

I'm doing a long-term project that I'm genuinely, crazily excited about. It involved me helping mentor young, talented men & women and helping them get into the sports industry. One of the biggest challenges I constantly face are these people saying, 'I don't want to be in sales, I want to be in marketing.'

Here's the problem. Sales is marketing. All you are doing is positively representing yourself and the brand you sell for in a way that is meant to make potential customers take action. Part of what marketing is trying to do is gain eyeballs to acquire customers. That's literally what a #sportsbiz salesperson needs to be doing. The other part of marketing is to positively grow the organization's brand. That's literally also what a sales rep needs to be doing.

Stop attacking sales like you're passing along information. That's really boring. Nobody likes to be told things. That said, people LOVE being presented with things. You also love to present things. You also HATE to tell people information. So here are a list of a few things you can present to help you MARKET to make the SALE:

  • Yourself: You should make sure that each potential client gets to know you and your personality on every call.

  • Your Ticket Promotions: How can you make them come alive? What about them should appeal to a buyer? Make sure you answer each of those questions in every communication.

  • Your Game Experience: You need to make your stadium come alive to your buyer. Buyers are motivated by FOMO (fear of missing out). If they feel like they are missing something awesome, they will be curious enough to buy it.

  • The Impact Your Ticket Have on People: Speaking of FOMO, it's not just the fear of missing what's in your's missing out on doing it with people that are meaningful to you and your life. Sports are incredible shared experiences.

If you're successful on those four points of sale on every call, you will absolutely find sales success right behind it. Getting over that hurdle of just passing along information is tough, because just passing along information is easy. It's also easier to just pass along information because then it's less personal, and the no's don't hurt as much. It's harder to find ways to incorporate all of the above...but it's FAR more effective. It's also harder to take the 'no' when the process is more personal...but it's FAR more effective. Great brands package, present, and market their product in a way that moves buyers. That's also EXACTLY what great salespeople should do.

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