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Self-Prospecting During COVID-19

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

You've got some time on your hand right now, #sportsbiz sales rep. While most are making phone calls, everyone has time each day they can spend expanding their pipelines. So...where can you go?

  • Check your team's social media: What fans are communicating on your social media channels, clammering for the season to come back? Why not run some of those names through your team's database to see if they can be real prospects?

  • Research businesses you have familiarity with: My best friend is in wealth management...I sell wealth management companies well. I bartended at hotels. I sell hotels and restaurants well. What industries do you have familiarity with? Prospect a bunch of them and then use your story and connection to connect with them.

  • Research businesses who sponsor your sport: What businesses are sponsoring other teams in your league? What local businesses are sponsoring the local little leagues? What businesses are investing to sponsor the local college teams of your sport? If they're spending money on your sport...they'll probably spend money on your sport.

We'll talk more about different ways you can move your business forward that's not just phone calls in the next few weeks. But this one is critical. Growing your contact list is a huge opportunity we have right now...get after it!

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