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Sell Like a Bat

Bats are not blind. True story. Look it up. Their seeing is pretty shitty, but they have eyes and they can see. So the phrase 'blind as a bat' is actually, technically inaccurate.

But they still use SONAR, or echolocation, to give them clarity. They either contract their voice box, click their tongue, or emit sounds through their nose, and the sound reverberates off an object. That reverberation tells the bat where the object is, how big the object is, and what shape it is (from an ASU website). It is constant and consistent until the bats know exactly what they're aiming for.

So we need to sell like a bat. What does that mean? We need to be constant and consistent in sending out echolocation signals (phone calls, emails, video messages, social media posts, social media messages, etc.) to find GREAT sales conversations.

What does that mean? Sometimes a bat sends out SONAR and a frog appears back. 'Game fucking on,' thinks the bat. And he attacks.

Sometimes the same bat sends out SONAR and a bear appears back. 'Oh, hell no,' thinks the bat.

Here's the problem, in #sportsbiz sales, a lot of reps try to kill the bear. They have a good call. Then the person ghosts them. Then we attack, attack, attack, attack, and we never get them. Or a person is CLEARLY a better fit for a mini-plan, but since we only have season tickets on sale we continue to try to jam that square peg into that round hole...and we end up alienating that person completely.

A phrase I use often is that, we are in the relentless pursuit of GREAT sales conversations. If someone doesn't want to buy? Let them go. If someone is ghosting you? Break up with them. If it's not a good time for them? Schedule another time. If they are a better fit for a mini-plan? Have the discipline to wait.

We need to use OUR sales SONAR to consistently and constantly send out signals to potential buyers. And if it's a frog? Go get it. If it's a bear? Have patience. You'll find a frog soon enough. You don't kill a lot of bears when you're a bat...but you'll certainly kill a lot of time, and waste a lot of energy trying to do so.

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