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  • Brett Zalaski

Selling Tickets in 2021: Get Ahead of An Absolute S**tshow

Historically, a rep has been pushed off the phone with the absolute killer trilogy of push-off objections, including 'I need to talk to my...', 'Can you put it in an email?', or 'I just need to think about it...'.

We've now found the trump card to all this...'I'm not comfortable...' or 'I'll wait and see...'. #COVID19 has made the trilogy a...uh...quadrology? I don't know.

Working with the #ISBIVSN sales team over the last few months, I can tell you that this is a very real, push-off objection. And it's really tough to overcome. The challenge with this one is that, when it comes at the end, it leaves reps agape...and with no good, real answer. And it happens...a lot. We sell for teams in conservative states and we sell for teams in progressive states...and it's still the #1 push-off objection we're hearing these days, regardless of where we're selling.

And you have NO idea when it will hit you. Some people say it right away. Some people won't say it at all...and just never buy because of it. Some will say it as an objection towards the end. Some will say it during discovery.

So how do you battle it? You don't wait for it. Open strong. Set the agenda. And then ask if they're even ready to come out. It's a whole new step to the sales process.

This is Brett Zalaski from ISBI VSN. The reason for my call is that I saw you came to our games in the past, wanted to see how your experiences were, and see what I can do to get you back out in 2021. How does that sound? before I even get to comfortable ARE you coming back to games when we open in DATE?

If they are uncomfortable, when would a better timeline be?

It's called pre-handling the objection. Get it out. Get it behind you. Go make the sale. Don't avoid what could trip you up...don't even let it get going.

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