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  • Brett Zalaski

Selling Tickets with One Click

Much of the stuff that was discussed last week with technology, the why, the how, and both with Courtney Blake, focused on things you probably knew...just needed some clarity on. That said, there are sales advancements in technology every day that are occurring...that you may not have paid attention to. And it's not your fault! Most reps have no clue where to look for the technological advancements...or they don't have time because, well, someone has to sell the tickets!

Taking a step back, one things teams, managers, and reps are all challenged with is generating referrals. Every trainer, team, and manager teaches getting referrals. We know that referrals turn into sales at one of, if not the highest close rate. And it makes sense...someone who already has tickets wants to enhance their experience by having more of their family or friends come. Here's the problem...reps can never remember to do it when they are on the phone. I'm making a generality, of course, but it's also almost universally true. You get so wrapped up in making the sale you can't remember. Or the sale was a knock-down, drag-out fight and you just don't feel it's appropriate to ask.

So we know the value of a referral...yet it's virtually impossible for us to ask in the moment.

That will be the perennial challenge of the referral...yet there is a better mouse trap. One advancement I want to introduce this week is the ability to gain a referral...with one click of a button. The technology is a no-harm, no-foul email that allows your clients the opportunity to agree to a referral with one click of the bottom. Gone are the forgotten referrals or awkward call-backs. This digitizes the entire process. The whole goal of incorporating technology into sales is to make it easier...and, well, it won't get any easier than referral leads. Want more information? Email me at for more info! And look for an article and podcast from them coming this week!

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