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  • Brett Zalaski

Solving the 'I only go to a couple games per year...' Problem


I only go to a couple games per year.'

'I like the flexibility of choosing when I go to games.'

Every #sportsbiz sales rep that's sold for even a minute cringes when they hear these phrases. That rep knows they are about to have to jam a square peg into a round hole.

Why? Buying patterns that are previously established can be REALLY hard to change. And, unfortunately, a lot of those people haven't gone to a lot of games the last couple years...thus it's never been harder.

So what can a sales rep do here? The answer is easier than one might think. Don't even give them a chance to say those things above.

We need to take control of this area of the conversation and work to expand the opportunities for people to come out to sporting events. How do we do this?

Think about this question pattern:

  • Who do you go to the games with?

  • What's important about going to the games with them?

  • How many times per month would you want to be able to go with them?

  • Who else do you know that you would want to share the experience with?

  • What's important about going to ________ games with them?

  • How many times per month would you want to be able to go with them?

Instead of allowing the fan to lock in on the amount of games and THEN us trying to expand them (does not work well), we haven't even given them a chance.

We've immediately created a much broader world in which fans could go to games. If our season is 6 months long, and they want to go with their family 1x per month and their friends 1x per month, you've now created a universe in which they could go 12x per year.

And, better yet, you didn't create that universe. They did. Their words created it...which will make it MUCH more impactful when you make your recommendation. Based on what YOU'VE told me...

Will they buy the universe you've been able to justify? Sometimes. Many times not. But you've created the opportunity to sell more games, which WILL increase the odds and chances of you selling more games.

If you live in their current, going reality, you're handcuffing yourself. If you build a bigger universe, you give yourself a shot. Which will you choose?

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