• Brett Zalaski

Speed of Selling in #COVID19

One line I use quite a bit in my sales trainings is that '...we are in the relentless pursuit of great sales conversations.' It means that if a client doesn't have genuine interest in the product, you be the one to get out of the conversation first. Remember, the vast majority of the people you connect with WON'T buy your product. We attack sales like anyone who picks up the phone is a qualified lead...when the case is COMPLETELY the opposite. The vast majority of people who pick up the phone are still BAD leads. Picking up the phone is not a good judge of lead quality.

This is even MORE true in #COVID19. I've consulted, trained, and even run a sales team during this time and the reps, to a person, have said they have never connected with more people. People are more available than ever...but, for a million reasons, they are less inclined to buy. People are still working remotely, we still aren't playing games with fans for the most part, some people fear being in places with crowds, many teams have limited ticket inventory available, and, oh yeah, there's a global pandemic that's still impacting this nation both medically AND economically.

To often in sales we follow the lead of the prospect down whatever rabbit hole they want to take us down...often leading to them eventually ghosting us. The problem in these cases often isn't what we's what we did. We did not break up with them early enough. This couldn't be more true than in the pandemic.

Instead of trying to sell everyone who picks up the phone, we should be qualifying them first. What does that look like?

  • How excited are you to come back to _______ games next year?

  • When do you think you'll be back to _______ games next year?

  • How trusting are you that the team will keep you safe when you come back?

  • Are you open to discussing our 2021 ticket packages...even if none work right now?

Those questions should ALL be asked in a conversation. If it's not the right answer for ANY of those questions, show empathy and grace and find a better time to connect. We want to keep them as fans, not burn them by overselling in a super sensitive buying environment.

Right now, more than ever in #sportsbiz, it's our job to find the needles in the haystack. The people who are ready to jump back in our arenas from day 1. The people who are fully ready to discuss our ticket packages. That's going to take more calls, more emails, more messages, more texts...but it's our job in the moment.

Call. Empathize. Qualify. Sell or move on. That's the sales environment we're in right now.