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  • Brett Zalaski

#SportsBiz Sales Rep Displaced by #COVID19? I Got You.

Over the last two months I've had the tremendous honor of (for free) training over 40 #sportsbiz sales reps who have been displaced in their roles with teams. This has been everyone from interns, to part-time employees, to inside sales reps, to sales reps, senior sales reps, managers, and directors. They've received training from myself, the legend Bill Guertin, and a number of leaders from across the #sportsbiz community.

Every person has walked into the room ready to earn their opportunity back in the #sportsbiz industry. It has been one of my favorite environments I've ever been a part of. And don't just take it from's a video from a few who have been through the program:

For more information, please check us out and apply at Employed? Send it to a friend! We're looking for people to start our next training session in December. Please do not hesitate reach out!

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