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  • Brett Zalaski

The 'Call Me When This Is Over' Objection

One of the biggest takeaways of my sales training for a lot of people deals with the 'Kiss-Off Objections'...or, 'I need to talk to...', 'Send it in an Email...', and 'I need to think about it'/'Call me back...'.

#COVID19 has created a cousin to that last objection, the 'Call me when this is over...' objection. And it seems to be a pretty contagious objection these days. Reps have either asked me how to tackle this...or, worse yet, knowing it's coming, have not gone outbound just to avoid hearing it. would I handle it? Glad you asked!

Couple quick hitters, then my worded answer:

  • Of course it's fine for them not to buy right now: We have to be cool with this because we don't know their situation. We will politely pressure test, then we will add them to the pipeline, then we will develop them, then we will close them when we know we're getting back. That's a fine process right now.

  • Pressure Testing is KEY: While it's fine for them not to buy...we do need to make sure that they COULD be a serious buyer...and that this isn't just a 'kiss-off'.

Here's what I would say: 'Totally understand. This situation is crazy...we're working through it just like everyone else. If you don't mind my asking, is this something you're planning on moving forward with when there's more clarity?'

THEM: ' Maybe.'

YOU: 'If you don't mind my asking, what do you think would hold you back then?'

At this point, you'll probably get the real objection that's holding them back now. You can work with this!

Or they may say 'yes'. Congrats...another hot one in your pipeline! Or they may say 'no'. Or they may just keep being that case they aren't a real buyer.

No matter what the situation is, qualifying the initial conversation will give you the information on HOW to move forward with someone...and WHO the right people to move forward with are. It's THE way to handle this new 'Kiss-Off Objection'.

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