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  • Brett Zalaski

The Golden Rule of Sales

Most of us know the Golden Rule as, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' Or something like that.

Most don't know the Golden Rule of Sales, which is 'Sell unto others as you would have them sell unto you.'

What does that mean? Simple, if you called you to sell you tickets would you buy your pitch? The honest answer for most #sportsbiz reps is 'no'. And that's a huge problem. That means the only people you'll sell to are the people who would buy already. If you couldn't excite yourself, you can't excite other people. So what can that look like? Glad you asked...I'll use my step-children as an example.

This past weekend I was drinking coffee on our patio when the oldest came outside and said, 'He's (the youngest) mad at me. I told him I wanted to play Playstation with him but he said, 'Later,' and I told him, 'Now,' and now he won't talk to me.'

I responded, 'If he came upstairs while you were already playing and came at you that way, how would you respond?'

He thought about it for a minute and said, very honestly, 'I wouldn't let him play, either.'

'Try this,' I said, 'Try telling him that he's the best brother in the whole world and you're sorry for how you approached him. You get so much joy out of playing with him that you just got upset that he wasn't letting you. Tell him that it would genuinely mean a lot to you, this morning, to be able to spend some time playing with him.'

We practiced it twice and he was ready. He went back inside and upstairs. 30 minutes later I went back inside and popped my head up there, and, sure enough, there they both were playing together.

I'm way more critical of salespeople and service people now than I was before. USE THAT! If you're able to communicate the same way you would want to be communicated to, you're going to find your way to a LOT more substantial conversations.

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