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The Next Big Technology Idea... right around the corner. It just isn't necessarily in this article. Sorry everyone! That said, I want to use the idea of selling tickets through auction sites to help spur innovation and creativity in sales reps.

I was having a conversation with someone from my #sportsbiz past, who you'll meet over the next few days, who was talking to me about this auction site he's developed for pro sports teams...and the conversation, as they do with me, naturally led to sales. He told me about a story where a team used an auction site to move tickets in a way that I genuinely would not have thought of if you had given me 100 years. It was brilliant...and it sent my mind racing!

We ended up talking for almost an hour on all the different iterations a team could use it for...and even branched into sponsorship. You'll hear a version of that conversation on Friday's #TopSellerPodcast.

This same thing happened when I talked with Mike at WarmUp, and Sati at OneMob. Hopefully you saw over the last few weeks how those technologies inspired me...and made me want to innovate. That's the most fun part about utilizing technology. It inspires reps and causes them to innovate. I promise you the next great idea isn't coming from an old man like me...the next great idea is coming from a young sales rep who understands how these technologies pull their audience (hopefully clients) closer to them. And that's the goal. The more innovative the way you connect with people, the more likely they are to buy, the more fun sales is.

I genuinely believe every current #sportsbiz sales rep should be using technology to help connect and drive referrals. I genuinely believe every #sportsbiz sales rep should be using video to engage their clients. And I genuinely believe every pro sports team should think about auction site as a way to move distressed inventory...or to get them thinking in innovative ways to move group tickets....or...who knows? That's your job, sales rep, to come up with that next big thing. It starts by using everything we talked about...

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