• Brett Zalaski

This Site Isn't Good Enough...Yet

One of the reasons that I believe that this site has been successful so far is that it has given a voice to the challenges that #sportsbiz sales reps struggle with. I'm not writing to check a box with managers...I'm writing to make sales reps better on the issues that they struggle with. Because of that approach over 850 people have felt comfortable sharing their challenges with me. That's the stat I'm most proud of on this site.

Like a lot of people, I've been brutally shaken by what's occurred in this country over the last week. Blatant and systemic racism needs to be properly addressed and actions needs to be taken to eradicate it. Systemic and generational poverty needs to be properly understood as a core issue that leads to desperation and anger in this country.

And I'm a white male who has a platform. Whether an article gets 10 views or 1,000 views, I have an opportunity to be better. Whether a podcast gets 5 views or 500 views, I have an opportunity to be better. The #sportsbiz industry being dominated by white males is an excuse to why I haven't given more time to diverse voices within this industry. And that's all it excuse.

The best sales team I ever worked with was 2012-2014 with the Columbus Crew. During that time we led MLS in attendance growth, and grew the club's ticket sales revenue by almost 30% in just two years...and were on pace to grow it an additional 25% when I decided to start my own company.

I say that not to impress...but as the lead in to say that not only was that sales team the best sales team I ever worked with, it was also the most diverse sales team I ever worked with. We had good (not great) racial diversity, gender diversity, and geographic diversity. We had quiet people and loud people. We had soccer fanatics and people who couldn't pick Messi out of a lineup. And that diversity of backgrounds and views has always been the core reason I believe that team was so successful. It was the most accurate representation of the front office mirroring the community it sold to I'd ever seen.

To be the best this site can be, it needs more diversity. We need more cultural and racial diversity on this site. We need more gender diversity on this site. I need to bring more sales reps on to the site for writing and podcasts...and not just have managers fill my guest opportunities. While I'm incredibly proud of the content this site has produced, doing these things will truly make this a site worthy of your support...and so I promise to do better.