• Brett Zalaski

Thoughts on Using Video In Your Sales Process

There are a million statistics on the internet that discuss how video is more effective than a standard voice mail or email. It's more engaging, it's more personal, and it can become more viral. It can live in an email and it can live in social media...making it completely adaptable to your sales process. So why aren't more sales reps using it?

First off, it's new. It's difficult for a rep to wrap their arms around it because there's not a lot of precedent for it. Second, and to that, there's not a lot of training on it. Given its newness, managers didn't use they usually aren't training reps on it. It scares front offices, which does not usually filter down to an environment that embraces it.

Here are a few ways to incorporate video throughout your sales process:

  • Introduction: Most #sportsbiz sales reps still make cold calls. Isn't that call a little less cold if you've created a video introduction to let them know that you'll be the one calling them? Not only does the video introduction give some color to the person calling (making the prospect more likely to answer), it gives the sales rep more confidence because it gives them a reason to make the phone call. "I'm following up on my video..." is far more powerful than "I see you came to a game..." Your organization may not be ok with mass emails to start the sales process, which I understand. I just don't agree with it if it contains a video of the person about to make the call.

  • In the Sales Process: Once we engage the prospect, we can use video in a TON of different ways. We can use video to engage a ghost account. We can give the prospect a visual of the seats they are about to buy. We can have a coach/player/front office personality send them a video pushing them to get on board. We can pass along highlights or hype videos that increase the urgency for the person to make a decision sooner than later. Most sales reps are taught to use video on the intro side or the close...but the reality is it's probably far more valuable as a resource to push the sale forward during the process. If they are already engaged, thinking, 'How can I use video to earn their business?' will only make that touchpoint more engaging, thoughtful, and valuable to the prospect.

  • At the Close: Almost everything we talked about in the process can also be used at the close. It can be that one touchpoint to push them over the edge. You can also use the video to pre-handle any objections you think are holding them back here...or appeal to them in a straightforward manner using the emotional reasons they are purchasing the seats. While I think the close really does need to be handled via phone or can edge it forward through video.

I know I just speed-round a lot of ideas. But that's what's awesome about video, too. You can literally do anything with it. The next great idea with sales and video has yet to be created. Instead of imagining what your next voice mail or email will sound like...why not envision enhancing them with video?

I absolutely agree with the quote on the right. Video is the most incredible enhancer we've seen in sales...and it can only be more powerful using sports. Be thoughtful, be creative...and use it!