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  • Brett Zalaski

Top 3 Ways Consistently Sell Throughout the Off-Season

I've always been a huge believer that the easiest way to find out who your best salespeople are is to compare their off-season sales numbers. To me, there's no doubt that the harder the sale, the better the salesperson...and there's no harder sale than when no one is talking about your team. Everyone should sell when everyone is talking about your team...the real salespeople rise past those hurdles in the off-season and create solutions, not excuses.

So how do we do that? There's 3 things I've isolated that the best do in the off-season that the rest only make excuses about:

  1. Urgency: We talked before that everyday is the best day to buy. The off-season is the truest representation of that. The best salespeople do not use the excuse of the off-season to slow their sales, they use it as a reason to amplify the urgency in every conversation. You can't act with less urgency in the off-season, you have to act with MORE. If you don't, your buyers will continue to kick the decision down the line.

  2. B2B Sales: Companies have budgets no matter what time of year it is. Companies make decisions no matter what time of year it is. Companies are equally open to conversations in and out of the season. Many teams only start the B2B sales process when the season ends...the best salespeople are constantly engaged with companies all year. They don't start...stop...start...stop. They go...and that allows them to sell throughout the off-season, instead of starting and waiting...then starting and waiting all over again. Constant engagement gets constant meetings, constant meetings deliver constant B2B sales. Start now...not later.

  3. Accountability: This is going to sound like a cheat, but you have to believe you can sell as much in the off-season months as you did during the season. Phil Goldfarb was one of the best salespeople I've ever been around. Phil was a remarkably consistent salesperson. He believed every day was the best day to buy, he was constantly selling to businesses, but, most importantly, he was dead-set on selling season tickets every day he was in the office. His accountability to himself and the organization was incredible. If he didn't sell two season tickets one day, it was four the next. That constant desire to contribute pushed him drive something out of every day...even if that day was in the middle of the off-season. There were no excuses...just sales.

No one's talking about your team. No one's thinking about your team. There's no news about your team. It's too far from the front of the season to spend money on sports tickets. These may all be true for some buyers...but they are excuses NOT to sell for all ticket sellers. It's trite, but there is no off-season in sales. You make that decision, you act with urgency, you sell B2B consistently, and you create a level of personal accountability to find'll sell. And you'll do that a time of year when most other people aren't. And then you'll find yourself at the top of the sales board. It's a pretty easy formula. George Allen once said that, 'What you do in the off-season determines what you do in the regular season.' That holds for #sportsbiz sales, too.

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