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  • Brett Zalaski

Top 3 Ways to Have a Better Next Call

Last week I wrote an article about how to make a sale right now. The response off of it was CRAZY, both publicly and privately. Out of all the responses, 11 people asked the same exact question: 'This is great, but how can I be a better salesperson right now?'

This is a great question, right? Most of the sales training we do is developmental. Meaning, we learn it, then we have to practice it, then we try implementing it, then we've got it. That can be a pretty long process...and that's best case. There's a worst case, too. The training doesn't work right away, reps stop using it, and bad habits persist. That said, there are things that you can walk straight from this article and do...and become better on your next call. They don't take practice...just a commitment to try it immediately. Here are my top 3:

  1. Use Strong Language: As my podcast with Dave Wakeman discussed, language really matters. We don't just have a '...kind of fun fan experience, and people are sort of jumping on board with us everyday.' We have '...the most interactive and most mind-bending fan experience this side of the Mississippi River, and people are making the decision to join our team everyday. Today's yours!' The second conveys more urgency, energy, and is way more fun. Think about a time you really had to convince your significant other, your parents, or your friends. You committed to trying to convince them...take that attitude to your sales game.

  2. Tell Them You're Calling to Sell Them Tickets!: Sales reps take a survey, almost apologetic approach when they reach out to a person they are trying to sell. Fuck that noise! Most people you're calling have bought tickets before...and the majority of them spent way too much money doing it. You have the ability to get them to more games and save them money. Act like it! 'The reason for my call is to talk to you about your experiences at xxxxx games, learn a little more about how you like to use tickets, and see what we can do about saving you some money going forward. How does that sound? This may sound crazy, but the more times you get someone to agree to take part in a sales call, the more likely you are to sell tickets.

  3. Embrace the Suck: We tend to attempt to circumvent negativity. Bad experiences? Objections? Ew. Keep those away from me. The reality? When someone says 'no' or ghosts you? It's because of that negativity. Ask about it. 'What didn't you like about your experience?' 'Why haven't you purchased a ticket package with us in the past?' 'What would be the reason you don't move forward with the purchase?' Write these 3 questions down and stick them in front of you when you make a call. Embracing the negative experiences or negativity will allow you to push past them without it hanging over the rest of the conversation. Businesses didn't buy tickets from us in Columbus because they didn't trust soccer yet. So instead of sitting back...we attacked. And we increased premium seat revenue by 200% in two years. Embracing the suck works.

There's nothing easy about sales, but there are things we either avoid or don't pay enough attention to.that can help us become better immediately. It doesn't mean you should avoid developing your other skills, like objection handling, closing, questioning, etc., that take real time and development. You can do both. That said, the above will help produce real results immediately if you are more attentive to them on your next call. I gave you the top 3 ways to find a are the easiest 3 ways to up your game...and make more sales.

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