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  • Brett Zalaski

Top 5 Favorite Sales Movies

'Tis the season to watch the hell out of the movies Star Wars, Elf & National Lampoon's Christmas well as all the great stuff hitting the theaters Given the movie spirit of the holidays, here's my 5 favorite sales movies!

To know, to make this list, the backbone of the movie needs to be about sales...and it needs to include multiple scenes where people are selling. Here we go!

  1. Boiler Room: VIN DIESEL HAS, TECHNICALLY, THE GREATEST SALE IN A MOVIE EVER! Would I need to describe more to get you to watch it? How about...BEN AFFLECK IS THE SALES TRAINER! It's one of my favorite movies's in my sales training...and very excited to put it #1 here.

  2. Glengarry Glen Ross: This movie has the most iconic scenes in sales movie history. It has a phenomenal cast and was built off a remarkably successful Broadway play. This is one movie I watch every year, and will always be a part of my movie library.

  3. Wolf of Wall Street: 'Sell me this pen,' is a part of my sales training...and it's a part that every rep smiles the minute I say it. Even though I do it differently, everyone knows it. I also absolutely love the Matthew McConaughey scene. Dude was in the movie for like 10 minutes and people said he should have been nominated for an Academy Award.

  4. Tommy Boy: This counts! If they don't sell...the factory closes! David Spade and Chris Farley hit the road with the intent to sell...and you probably know the rest. Every salesperson commiserates with the iconic 'I killed my sale' scene and everyone with a sales heart is so pumped when Tommy Boy finally flips it around into his first sale.

  5. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard: Yes, I know there are other better movies I'm not including on this list...but Jeremy Piven in full-on Ari Gold doing sales is going to get me every time. There are lots of absolutely ridiculous moments in this movie...but I laughed, and I dont think enough people know about it. Check it out!

Honorable Mentions: Death of a Salesman, Pursuit of Happyness, Lover & Other Drugs, Used Cars, & Cadillac Man.

This was also ABSOLUTELY awesome. I've watched it 3,756 time since I found it. What movies or scenes did I miss? Let me know on social!

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