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  • Brett Zalaski

Top 5 Favorite Sales Twitter Follows

While Twitter is a fantastic place to demonstrate value, connect with potential clients, and broadcast's also an amazing place to aggregate information. For me, it's a fantastic place to keep an eye on the #sportsbiz sales community, but also the broader sales community as well. In the future I'll discuss some of my favorite #sportsbiz sales follows. Today we'll focus on that broader sales community.

How do I define my favorite follows? It's got to be someone who has a point of view I respect. If I disagree with your style/approach/content...I'm sure your group of fans will elevate you, it just won't be me. Some people are really good on LinkedIn. We'll talk about LinkedIn at some point, but if there's no real effort in credit from me. Finally, you need to be free and open with how you distribute your content. If you're hiding stuff behind paywalls or overly judicious with what you put into the may be great, but it's not what I'm looking for. When I think about this list, I think about it popping up all the time with stuff I WANT to interact with. That's a great sales twitter follow. On to the list!

  • Jeffrey Gitomer (@gitomer): The legend has remained incredibly current with his views on sales, certainly evolving his approach with the times. He does videos and podcasts and smart tweets and blogs.

  • A Sales Guy (@asalesguy): The brand from @keenan, this group is raw and real and right. Blogs, videos, retweets, etc., there is just a constant stream of great sales content coming from this account every day.

  • Keith Rosen (@keithrosen): Rosen is the preeminent voice on sales coaching. There isn't anyone that has tapped into this generation of sales management like he has. Keith is a terrific source of personal content and messages, but he's constantly promoting thoughtful material from all across sales.

  • Bob Burg (@BobBurg): I've long stated my views that relationship selling can be a workable approach, and there's no better writer for it, or proven advocate of it than Bob Burg. Great tweets, podcasts, videos, smart retweets...Bob's just at it all the time, and creates a ton of value for his followers.

  • Jeb Blount (@SalesGravy): Jeb has been a huge voice in the sales game for a long time, and has grown the Sales Gravy brand into one of the most recognizable in the game. Like most of the others, while I love Blount's take on sales, it's the sheer quality and quantity of product that he produces for his followers that has kept me a loyal follower for almost a decade.

The response from the Top 5 Books article was really overwhelming...and continues to add readers per day. So I'm going to keep producing these lists, as there seems to be a real appetite for places to go to find real sales value. This site will never assume it's the only voice when it comes to sales knowledge and information. In fact, it's because we're massive fans of other people's content that we were inspired to create our own. Keep your eye out for much more content like this...and please let us know what you'd like to see from us in the areas on the site to deliver feedback!

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