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  • Brett Zalaski

Top 5 Topics #SportsBiz Reps are Asking About

In May of 2018, I started The goal was to create a safe space where sales reps could write into the site to help direct the content of the site to real things they were challenged on a day-to-day basis.

Since then, the site has created almost 150 articles of content that have come from almost 650 submissions from #sportsbiz sales reps & managers. Over 6,000 people have visited the site from all over the world and we are just shy of 25,000 views on the site. To say this has been an overwhelmingly positive experience would be putting it mildly. This has been the coolest thing I've ever done professionally.

Not only have I used the comments and questions to create almost all of the content, I've also spent a ton of time aggregating the questions to figure out the topics that are most requested by sales reps. You'll see a LOT of it represented in the individual articles on the site, but it's also really important to take a step back some times and think about it holistically if you're a rep or a manager. are the top 5 most requested topics on

  1. Time Management: I've written a ton on time management because time management comes up over...and over...and over again in a ton of different forms and formats. How should a rep spend their time? How should a rep should maximize their time? Who is a good prospect and who isn't? Etc. etc. etc. It started with one of the first columns on the website and has continued all the way up through present day. And the content on that front won't stop as long as it continues to be requested!

  2. Objection Handling: I've been asked everything from just 'How do I do it?' to very specific sport or market objections along the way. The one constant is how often I've heard them. Though I'm proud of the content we've created on it (here's one!), you're going to see a LOT more of it in the future.

  3. Group Sales: We did a whole month on it (started here and ended here - thanks FEVO!). And it got a TON of views. There's going to be another month on it next year. Why? Because people write in about it ALL THE TIME! We're going to incorporate some content during the year, but put a big focus around May of every year.

  4. Personal Development: Reps write in a lot worried about the culture they are around, wondering what books they should be reading, how to deal with anxiety, how to create a positive work/life balance or asking about becoming a manager. We've written a lot about these (literally the entire Happy Salesperson Blog...just look for the green!)...but we're about to do a WHOLE MONTH ON IT! Get excited.

  5. Engagement: Reps are having an impossible time getting people on the phone. Or in person. And that's how we sell. That's a problem. People are really, really busy. We aren't a priority to buyers...nor do we feel we have the products that fit for them all the time. It's a tough cycle. I've just completed a research assignment and written training focused on just this. Want some answers to it? Email me at!

Don't see the things you're struggling with? Write in to the site! We want to hear from you to continue to develop and grow here. We aren't done getting better...and we certainly hope you aren't either! I'd love to see the next 15 months of the site be just as successful as the last 15!

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