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Top Seller Podcast: Cameron Caddell

An incredibly diverse sales background? Check. A track record of incredibly high performance at each stop? Check. What has to be one of the coolest jobs in #sportsbiz right now? Check. Cameron Caddell is the GM for IMG Learfield's National Sales Center. His sales background includes stops with the NBA, MiLB, & NFL, while his team in Indianapolis sells for the Colts, NCAA, Big Ten, PBR, & UFC. You know we love perspective at Empowerment of a Salesperson, and Cameron has it in spades.

In this 42 minute podcast we tackle Cameron's journey to his role at IMGL, the mentors he's had along the way, how he sold tickets for a team that played 60 miles away, the value of starting your career in minor league sports, the value of consistently building value, and what 'mutually beneficial relationships' actually means...among a ton of other things.

The audio gets a little clunky at times, but you can make out everything. While this podcast is awesome for sellers and managers alike, I think this is an awesome podcast for managers. That said, the insight for sales reps from Cameron's experiences are fantastic, too. It's clear that Cameron is an emerging star in the #sportsbiz landscape from the first minute you listen to this podcast to the last! 100% worth the time!

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