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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Bob Burg

As sports has been challenged to sell in COVID19, there’s been a lot more conversation about taking an empathetic approach…which made me immediately think about Bob Burg. As I was transitioning into professional sports from my career in executive consulting sales, I happened to buy The Go-Giver, and soon after read Go-Givers Sell More, both written by Bob Burg and John David Mann. They were transformative in my effort to understand how to sell to fans. And apparently their books, and Bob’s, have struck a nerve with others, because, all in, they’ve sold well over 1,000,000 copies…and the work has been consistently considered among the seminal sales books.

During this incredibly fun 55 minute conversation, we talk about the Go-Giver, its application during COVID19 and at all times, how to create self-confidence, what authenticity really means, how to help navigate people through the sales process, the difference between earning business and desperation, having a plan to ask questions and why scripting is important, why tact is the language of strength, and a ton of others…including how to sell tickets to Bob himself!

This is a tremendous conversation for reps and managers for this moment and in the future. You don’t sell more than a million books without a lot of REAL substance…and it’s an extraordinary honor that Bob’s offering it to the #sportsbiz industry. Give it a listen here:

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