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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Brandon Steiner

Brandon Steiner is a TRUE American sales success story.  The incredibly popular entrepreneur (formerly Steiner Sports, currently The Steiner Agency and CollectibleXchange), author, host, consultant, and speaker ( lent his time and wisdom to reps in the sports business community in an incredibly insightful conversation for the Top Seller Podcast.

Over an incredibly fast 70 minutes we talked about his background, significance vs. success vs. extraordinary, the true value of tickets, creating customized solutions for fans, the importance of work ethic now more than ever, the future of working from home, focusing on POP (progress on process), the positives of stress and pressure for increased personal and professional accountability, and a TON more.  His stories are relevant and engaging, and his insights are incredible for ANY sales rep or manager…or President.

He’s also got a FREE BOOK FOR ANY LISTENER!  Go to, type in the name of any of his three books (Living On Purpose, You Gotta Have Balls, and The Business Playbook) and you’ll get that book for only the cost of shipping.  Definitely take him up on this!

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