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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Charlie Slonaker

We continue on the theme of perspective this week...and there are few in the #sportsbiz industry that have the perspective Charlie Slonaker (VP of Ticket Sales & Service, Philadelphia Union) does. He's gone from intern to VP. He's sold in MiLB, NFL, MLS, & NBA. He's sold in Dayton, Cincinnati, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia. And whether intern, seller, or manager, he's made an incredibly positive impact at every stop along the way.

In this 50 minute conversation, we talk about his intern-to-VP journey, discuss his mentors, the importance of process & efficiency, B2B sales & selling soccer, utilizing your resources, what he's seen work cross-industry for successful salespeople, what it takes to be the best, work/life balance, what drives him and much, much more. It's one of my favorite conversations so far with one of the most positive people in the industry.

Audio is good. The conversation is a great one for everyone from an intern to a VP...but I think it's especially valuable for current sellers. All the topics we discuss have particular relevance to those currently interacting with customers...and, with Charlie's cross-sport perspective, it's loaded with action steps for whatever sport you currently sell. It's a 50 minute listen, so either crank it out during lunch or save it for the weekend...but, either way, this one is well worth the time you invest. Huge thanks to the first contributor/podcast guest!

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