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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Courtney Blake

The first #TopSellerPodcast of Technology Month couldn't start in a better place. The Sacramento Kings have been widely hailed for their integration of technology into the sales process...and Courtney Blake (Sr. Director, Ticket Sales & Premium Membership) has climbed the ranks within their organization and is clearly a rising star in the #sportsbiz industry. And that is even more obvious when you hear her here.

In this almost 50 minute conversation, we discuss her journey to her current role, the importance of self-awareness and presence in the way you interact with clients and inside your organization, the power of video in the sales process, ways to connect with clients digitally (email & text), how critical personalization and customization is in sales, the importance of thinking about yourself as an entrepreneur, what drives her...and a ton of others.

The audio on this is great and it clocks in at 48 minutes. And that's good...because this is absolutely jam-packed full of incredible insights. The content here raises a ton of important thoughts for managers and directors, and a ton of incredible insights for sales reps. It will really make everyone take a hard look at how you are competing in the sales arena. Definitely give this a's an incredible podcast period, and an even better way to kick off Technology Month!

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