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Top Seller Podcast: David Hiller

David Hiller (Premium Sales Manager, New York City FC) is one of the top salespeople in all of MLS. He's won the league awards to back it up. You heard Lance Tyson call him it in an earlier #TopSellerPodcast. You can also here it right here on this podcast. David's experience and results, from his days at MLS' National Sales Center through multiple roles in his climb up the NYCFC ticket department, are evident.

In this really fun 50 minutes, we discuss his background and journey, some of his mentors, the importance of resiliency, how crucial it is to seek no's, the value of the sales reps time, the power of urgency, how to look at a pipeline, painting the picture to sell premium seating, what he learned that has stuck with him at the NSC, how he focus' his sales in a big market like New York City, how he works to create a positive work/life balance, and what drives him.

Audio is good...with a few wobbles. David's knowledge and passion for sales are evident, and while there are great reinforcement points for managers and directors, David's real time selling experience and expertise are phenomenal for current sales reps from Inside Sales through Premium Sales. Just fantastic insights throughout the 50 minutes. David's definitely another rising star in the #sportsbiz ticket sales industry...and the fans of NYCFC are lucky to have him!

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