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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Eric Kussin

An accomplished #sportsbiz pro, Eric Kussin came forward in August 2017 to discuss his challenges with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. He was brave, honest, open...and his struggles were so widely embraced and appreciated that Eric took a step back and created We're All A Little "Crazy", an alliance to combat the stigma of mental health, as well as the #SameHere hashtag to show support for the movement. Eric's openness and bravery have led the way for many others in and around sports to embrace the conversation and come forward with their own struggles...including myself this week.

In what I think is an incredibly important conversation, Eric and I discuss his background and what led to the 'rug being pulled out from under him', the formation of his new company, how #sportsbiz can amplify some of these challenges, how as a #sportsbiz sales rep you can find ways to sell more positively, ways that you can see early signs of these struggles, how to take the first step to combat these struggles, how to elevate the conversation around mental health, the future of his company, and stories of how We're All A Little "Crazy" has already positively impacted people...and a lot more.

(From L to R): Hayden Hurst, his mom, Darren Rovell, Eric Kussin, Imani McGee Stafford, Luke James Shaffer

This is a tremendous 60 minutes for everyone from a team President to a sales rep. The audio warbles twice, but, overall, it's excellent. The picture on the right is Baltimore Ravens 1st round pick Hayden Hurst, his mom, ESPN #sportsbiz reporter Darren Rovell, Eric, Atlanta Dream's Imani McGee Stafford, and musician Luke James Shaffer on their college tour.

For me, I hope this conversation spurs dialogue across the sports business landscape. Eric's experiences as a top industry expert are apparent in the insights he delivers for sales people, but, as important as those are, there's even more value in the conversations about mental health for those in the industry...and outside of it.

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