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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Erick Estrada

No, he's not the Erik Estrada who was the Ponch from CHiPs. He's the Erick Estrada who has carved a strong career and reputation in the #sportsbiz industry. If you're a Director or VP, you may get calls or talk to him in his position as Vice President of Sports & Entertainment for KORE Software. He started his career as a standout in MLS National Sales Center's early years, moving on to become an award-winning salesperson for MLS' Sporting Kansas City. He then took on a position running ticket sales for the NASL's New York Cosmos, before his current role at KORE.

In this incredibly insightful 45 minutes, we talk about his journey and mentors, what he learned at the National Sales Center that has helped him along the way, how his sports career has influenced his software career, selling a league or team that is going out of busines, work/life balance, what drives him, selling to many instead of one, selling a product that's a want and not a need, and the importance of remembering what it's like to be a fan when you sell.

The audio cuts in and out at the beginning, but is crystal clear after. The content in it, while certainly a good listen for a manager, is phenomenal for reps who are currently selling both B2B, B2C, and groups. It's a tremendous use of 45 minutes from someone who's been in your seat, and now can look at the position from an outsiders perspective. His positive attitude towards the industry will absolutely pull you in, too.

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