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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Indianapolis Indians Sr. AE's - Jonathan Howard, Garrett Rosh, & Ryan Barrett

Combined, the Sr. AE's of the Indianapolis Indians, Jonathan Howard, Garrett Rosh, & Ryan Barrett, have almost 30 years of sales experience...with the Indians. That's pretty incredible in #sportsbiz these days. What's impressed me most about the group, beyond their experience, is their incredible desire to continue to grow as salespeople, and the positive outlook they maintain during the intense MiLB seasons.

During this fantastic 45 minute conversation we discuss how they push themselves, how they push each other, how they sell minor league baseball in a crowded marketplace, and how their individual processes' are different...but yield similarly impressive results.

Again, some audio cut-outs here a little, but I still have relatively little idea what I'm doing...but the content is a must listen for anyone in sports sales. There's a ton of incredible content from the three terrific salespeople.

From left to right: Ryan Barrett, Garrett Rosh, & Jonathan Howard

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