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Top Seller Podcast: James Bryant

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

James 'JB' Bryant is absolutely a rising star in the #sportsbiz sales industry. He's worked for many incredible organizations...but is about to start two incredible journeys. One, in his new role as overseeing both inside sales, but also all sales reps development...the first of its kind I've ever heard of...for the Colorado Rapids. The second is a literal journey. He and Rapids' Director of Ticket Sales, Jacob Hanselman, are about to hop in a car and travel all over the middle of the country seeking to find the best undiscovered ticket sales talent. Yes, the #Rapids96 Sales Combine Road Trip is back for year 2 (see an awesome video of it here)!

In this podcast we discuss his journey to his new role, the goal of his new position, what he's seen as he's sold MLS & MLB in very different markets, the importance of a sales process, his mentors, his advice to young sales people trying to get a job, his advice to young sales people when they have the job, the road trip, what a 'Sales Combine' is, work/life balance, and much, much more.

The last 5 minutes of the video cuts off, unfortunately...but this is an amazing video for reps and those looking to get into #sportsbiz. That said, it's amazing and thought-provoking for Presidents to VP's to Director's. It's an advanced conversation on how critical it is for us to think about how we recruit people into the business AND how we develop them once they leave inside sales. It's a critically important conversation for #sportsbiz period, and it's easy to see why JB has become an incredibly important asset to the Rapids growing success. Here are the answered questions that we missed at the end...and how to reach JB!

What drives you?

There are two things that come to mind. First my family and wife. They have been the driving force behind me trying to be a better person which hopefully leads to being a better family member and better husband. I live thousands of miles away from my family and they have given me the opportunity to work in a different country which I know is a true blessing that others might not have the opportunity to have. My wife is CEO of Team Bryant and the late nights in the office and understanding of sacrifices I have made is not easy for a significant other. My success in this industry wouldn’t be half it is if it wasn’t for her.

The second is my experience as an Inside sales rep. When I started in the industry, I had no experience and was able to learn from Gregg Allen and Jake Reid. I had such a great experience as an Inside sales and they frankly changed my life. I know that I have the ability to have that kind of impact for every individual that comes to the Colorado Rapids Sales Academy. Being able to offer that to others is what gets me up every morning

For folks that are interested in connecting…I am very active on LinkedIn or can be emailed at

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