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Top Seller Podcast: Jonathan Hufnagel, DASH Auction

Jonathan Hufnagel has been in sports and out of sports. He's back with a product that is already helping teams on the community relations and merchandise side, and is now poised to make a huge impact on ticket sales. This innovation will help sales reps & team's with distressed inventory and experiential opportunities.

On this podcast we discuss his background, his inspiration to create DASH, how an auction site can sell tickets, the power of customization and providing experiences, how a sales rep and a Director can both think about moving tickets via an auction site, how an auction site can positively disrupt the fan experience, how it won't negatively impact ATP, how it can move premium seating, and a ton of other things.

The podcast is 45 minutes long and the audio quality is really strong. It's a terrific listen for both reps and managers, but I think it's especially valuable for managers and directors who are looking to innovate on their ticket sales, have distressed inventory, or looking to build value on top of a sold out house. Jonathan's experience as a #sportsbiz sales rep is evident in his ability to tie back his app to ticket sales. It's an absolute must listen for all those in the industry. This is the best of technology leading innovation, leading to sales. Check it out!

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