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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Josh Belkoff

It's always a risk to jump from the team-side to the #sportsbiz training and recruiting side, but when you love sales the way Josh Belkoff does, getting an opportunity to positively influence a wider scope of people was an amazing opportunity. Growing from an inside sales rep all the way to Sr. Manager of Premium for the Phoenix Suns in his 6 years with the Suns, Josh brings a tremendous energy and passion to his new role as Senior Director of Recruiting & Development at Sports Business Solutions.

In this incredibly energetic hour, Josh and I cover a TON of ground. We talk about the incredible group of mentors he had at the Suns, his 'lights on I love sales' moment, his biggest challenges transitioning from rep to manager, the importance of positivity and consistency, the need to be human and be direct, the immense value of knowing your process, his advice to young salespeople on work/life balance, what drives him, and a lot more.

The audio is great on this one. The conversation, while certainly helpful for a manager, is absolutely phenomenal for sales reps. There's no way you can listen to this and not have immediate takeaways for your next phone call, and/or improve your general sales approach. Josh's front-line experience, both managing and selling, is extremely evident in this conversation. It's an hour...but it's 100% worth your time.

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