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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Kathy Burrows

Many know her as one of the top trainers and writers in sports business. Her passion and positive, client-first approach has connected strongly with the newest generation of salesperson. What many may not know, is that Kathy Burrows was one of the best salespeople the MLB has ever seen, and was a mentor to me as I made the transition from CEB to the NBA. She is an absolute superstar.

This hour-long podcast is stocked with tremendous value for seller and manager alike, focusing on her sales process and approach, some of her mentors, what she sees in the top sales reps she trains, how she sees reps create positive work/life balance, what drives her, and a ton of other topics. Well worth the listen!

Audio quality is still getting better...but apologies that it seems like Kathy is talking quite nicely and I'm screaming. That said, if you're a sports business ticket salesperson or manager, you won't spend a better hour this week!

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