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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Kyle Burns

He's sold the NBA, WNBA, and, now, G-League. He's been an inside sales rep, AE, Sr. AE, and, now, Director (Director of Ticket Sales & Service, Iowa Wolves). He's majored in sales in college...and he's taught sales in college. Though he's only been in sports for 5 years, Kyle Burns brings a ton of perspective...and a huge appetite for both sales and the #sportsbiz industry. He's absolutely a rising star in this industry.

This terrific 45 minute podcast hits a wide range of topics from Kyle's path to his current role, to the mentors he's had in his sales career, to the similarities and differences of selling the NBA/WNBA/G-League, to the importance of a positive mindset, the upside to being present with your fans, how great salespeople are resourceful, his advice to his inside sales self, to how he keeps a great work/life balance, and what drives him.

The audio is terrific...and the conversation is even better. There is tremendous content for everyone from an inside sales rep to a Director and VP. While Kyle is only 6 months into his role as Director, he brings a tremendous amount of experience and thoughtfulness to his role as a salesperson and sales leader. The conversation around being able to grow as a salesperson by being able to teach sales was especially important...and very poignant for me. Genuinely appreciative of what Kyle brings to this industry...and I think you will be, too.

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