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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Lance Tyson & Allison Schuller

If you sell in sports, you've probably run into Lance Tyson (President & CEO of Tyson Group) and/or Allison Schuller (Vice President of Sales). Whether at league meetings, in your office, or on social media, they have done a tremendous job helping raise the discourse of sales in #sportsbiz. Their knowledge is unquestioned, but it's their energy towards sales that's propelled them, and their company the Tyson Group (Re-named! New website coming Friday!), to one of the top training organizations in the world.

Recorded in-person at the Westin Galleria in Houston, on the 24th floor, with a couple glasses of wine, this incredibly energetic (aka loud) 45 minute podcast covers pipeline management, lead qualification, engaging corporate, the myth of 'rapport', the truth of social selling, creating differentiation, among lots of others. I'm biased, but it's an amazing use of your time.

The audio is not perfect, but better than I thought it would be based on what we were seeing for connection on the recording device, and the fact that we were in a Westin lounge. If I needed to put an explicit rating on my website, here it is. It's for adult audiences...but I'm also assuming I don't have a lot of kid subscribers to this site, and just don't listen with the volume up and no headphones at work. Otherwise, it's straight awesome energy and insight...enjoy! (Also, buy his new book - Selling Is an Away Game!)

Allison Schuller & Lance Tyson

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