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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Mike Hurley, WarmUp

We've talked about referrals a lot this week, featuring Mike Hurley's company WarmUp. They close at a higher rate, they closer faster...and yet it's something that every team and every sales rep believes they can do better. Welp, Mike has officially built a better hear it from the man himself!

In this 30 minute podcast we discuss his background, what drove him to create WarmUp, how this product makes a sales rep's life easier, how team's can think about incorporating this into their overall strategy, the challenges with asking for referrals, and a ton more. Even if WarmUp isn't in your team's's a great listen.

There are some audio issues here, but mostly at the end. There were some issues on Mike's side and I was working around a lightning storm. This is a tremendous listen for reps and manager's alike. While I'm an obvious believer in this product, the conversation around referrals is critical whether you're a first week rep or a 10th year rep, manager, director, VP, or President. Fans in sports have a very special attachment to their teams. It's time to do a better job using them to grow our fan base...and, again, WarmUp is the better mouse trap.

For more information about WarmUp, please reach out to!

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