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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Paul Ratner

Long considered a top premium seller in #sportsbiz circles, Paul Ratner of the Golden St. Warriors has also been hailed by many outside of sports as a social selling influencer. Even with the Warriors successes, the Bay Area sports landscape is chock full of competition, and Paul has found his way to tremendous success by being more creative than those in his space.

Recorded in just over 30 minutes at ALSD, this podcast discusses his background to getting his foot in the door in sports, his biggest influence, the growing pains from a season ticket AE to a premium seller, the critical importance of work/life balance, as well as an incredibly nuanced conversation about premium sales and social selling.

The quality turned out just fine, despite our surroundings and time crunch. Paul shows just how brilliant his sales process is, and how humble and genuine he is as a sales professional. It's a phenomenal 30 minutes for anyone that cares to look at where sales is in 2018, and how to navigate the premium process.

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