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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Phil Goldfarb

I've had a lot of great sellers on this podcast that I've never had the pleasure to work with directly. Phil Goldfarb is the best salesperson I've had the pleasure to work with directly. In one of the toughest markets in the league to sell, Phil was consistently one of the top season ticket salespeople, and overall salespeople, in MLS rankings. He's navigated the journey from inside sales to tremendous success as the Crew's Director of Corporate Partnerships...all while staying in Columbus. Few know their product better than Phil, and while that may come as no surprise, this podcast shows just how great his knowledge of sales is, too.

This 50 minute podcast covers topics ranging from his journey, to his influences, to selling consistently, to off-season selling, to corporate ticket sales strategies, to referral strategies within the sales process, to work/life balance, and what drives him...among many others. It's a fantastic 50 minutes with genuinely one of the best salespeople in this history of MLS, and one of the best in #sportsbiz.

Audio quality is generally great, just a couple glitches here and there. If you are a salesperson in pro sports, tackle this in your lunch hour or get it ready to go for the is an amazing look at how relationship-based selling can be alive and while in 2018 when it's done the right way. The Phil Goldfarb way!

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