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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Recruiting Innovations During #COVID19

As challenging and time-consuming as recruiting can be generally, it has never been more challenging than during #COVID19...for teams that are even just lucky enough to be able to do it.

One of my favorite innovations in recruiting over the last decade in sports has been the Sales Training Forum. That's an opportunity for teams to promote themselves to potential employees, while also allowing those teams to extensively review potential employees to create more certainty in the recruiting process. It's amazing, it's just time consuming. And it's done in person. Obviously it can't be done during #COVID19.

And Matthew Schroll and Jaime Caro del Castillo and the Houston Dynamo & Houston Dash are saying, "Hold my beer." Both of these gentlemen are rising stars in the sports business industry, and they are doing the first Virtual Sales Training Forum. We cover a lot of ground in this podcast and it's really good...but the recruiting insight at the end is NOT TO BE MISSED by any manager or want-to-be manager in #sportsbiz. Check it out:

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