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Top Seller Podcast: Robert C. Villanueva

One of the new things we are going to start doing with the #TopSellerPodcast is, once per month, talk to successful salespeople outside of #sportsbiz. I couldn't be more thrilled with my first conversation.

Robert C. Villanueva is a very successful real estate agent and entrepreneur in Houston & Dallas. He's built a small real estate empire as RobtheTXRealtor, while also investing alongside his brother in a highly rated new restaurant in downtown Houston, Kulture. Rob, as he's known to his friends, has also worked for ESPN & Fox Sports as a producer, as well as creating his own one-stop creative agency, prior to his career in real estate. He's also my best friend in Houston...which made this even more fun.

Rob also knows sports. He played Division II college basketball and his brother, Charlie, was a long-time player in the NBA. Rob goes to every Houston sporting event he can, and his success as an entrepreneur and real estate agent, along with his ties in sports, makes him the perfect first conversation. In a tight 30 minutes, we discuss the importance of brand building, networking, consistency, social media, how he works to create a work/life balance, why he loves sporting events, what he'd do with season tickets as a real estate agent, and what drives him...among a ton more. It's an awesome, thoughtful conversation for everyone from AE's to President's.

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