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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: #SameHere Solutions

Today there's a link on my website for #SameHere Solutions. #SameHere Solutions is a collective of people in the #sportsbiz industry whose goal is to support people and teams in normalizing the conversation about mental health. It's a group that I'm tremendously excited to be a part of.

Just over 18 months ago I wrote an article on LinkedIn discussing my personal struggles with anxiety. It took me roughly 3 months to hit send on it. And I couldn't have done it without the support of Eric Kussin...a man whose personal courage made it possible for many of us in #sportsbiz to share our stories. I'd imagine almost everyone in #sportsbiz has come in contact with his efforts in some way...and, if you haven't, you should.

And then there's Bob Hamer. Bob's a rival in a lot of ways. He's also a man equally-if-not-more passionate about supporting #sportsbiz sales reps in their role, something I've long respected...and he's recently become more open about his personal story with mental health. It's a true testament to him to have me be a part of this.

Below is an important conversation that discusses the origins of #SameHere Solutions and the goals for it, but, more importantly, it's the type of fun, honest, and vulnerable conversation that will help normalize the conversation...and the type you'll see more and more of with #SameHere Solutions.

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