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Top Seller Podcast: Sati Hilyer, OneMob

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Video has been the theme of the week so far...and I genuinely believe that video is going to be increasingly important as sales continues to evolve in 2018 and beyond. There is no video product on the market, that I've seen, that can hold a candle to OneMob...and we have it's founder, Sati Hilyer, to thank. An entrepreneur and former Director at Salesforce, Sati has incredibly diverse experience and fantastic opinions on both sales and video.

In this 50 minute podcast, we discuss Sati's background, why video is going to be so important to sales going forward, what are some things he's seen from good sales reps in and out of sports, some best practices he's seen with video, how team's should think about rolling out video, how to empower your sales reps to use video, how to create company-wide acceptance of sales using video, and a ton more.

Audio's a little challenging overall and at the start...but this is a podcast every sales rep, sales manager, sales director, marketing person...heck, everyone in #sportsbiz period needs to listen to. Video is going to play an increasingly bigger role in sales moving forward, and it's important to get in the game earlier than later...and Sati provides the playbook here. I'd highly recommend reaching out to Sati and exploring OneMob more whether you're a sales rep or a sales manager.

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