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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Sean Ream

There are lots of ticket sales VP's who are great at strategy, but have stepped too far from the sales game to earn the respect of their reps. Sean Ream (VP, Ticket Sales & Service, Colorado Avalanche) is not one of those. With a tremendous sales background inside and outside of sports, roles leading sales in MLS & NHL, and time running MLS' National Sales Center, Sean brings a tremendous resume to his current role.

Our conversation focus' on his extensive background, some of the mentors he's had along the way, how to sell & understand value through the customer's eyes, what a rep needs to be doing each day to find success, sales truths regardless of what you're selling, work/life balance and what drives him.

The audio is good. Sean's background makes this a phenomenal podcast for sales reps for sure, but an even better one for managers and directors. It's evident to see Sean's extensive knowledge of the sales process, the importance of culture, and his passion for the business. In this podcast Sean becomes the second dual contributor to the site, after his fantastic article on time-wasters in the sales process. This is well worth the 50 minutes.

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