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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Shannon Simpson

Shannon Simpson lit up the Colorado Avalanche's inside sales program so much she got promoted in three months. Then she dominated as an Account Executive through almost three seasons. In just under her third year, she recently became Inside Sales Manager for the team. Her rise has been meteoric, but you listen to this podcast and you'll see what the management at Kroenke Sports sees...she's a rising star in this industry.

In this phenomenal 48 minute podcast we discuss her journey to her current role, what listening really means in sales, how to maintain a positive attitude, the importance of having an opinion with your clients, how she knew she wanted to be a manager, the value of strong writing skills in sales, what she'll be looking for in her inside sales reps, and why being motivated by growth is so powerful. While now a manager, it's clear that Shannon is still incredibly connected to sales and the sales process.

The audio cuts out at one point and it can get garbled, but the audio is mostly fine. The content, while a great listen for VP's through Managers, is probably the best one we've had so far for AE's and those trying to get into sales. Shannon's insights are phenomenal, and will be a huge help to anyone currently selling, or trying to break into #sportsbiz sales. It's easy to see why everyone at Kroenke thinks the sky's the limit with Shannon. Listen and enjoy!

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