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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: #SportsBiz Sales Leaders Speak!

Before I ever came in contact with Jillian Stoker (Director, Ticket Sales & Service, Stockton Kings) and Ted Glick (Sr. Director, Sales & Service, Sacramento Republic FC), I had already heard a lot about both of them. And it was all excellent. They've had different backgrounds to get to their current roles, but both have used their experience 100% to their advantage. What's clear about both is that they are passionate, meticulous, and thoughtful...and are making noise in the #sportsbiz industry.

This was just a genuinely amazing conversation that every rep and manager needs to hear right now. In this almost 50-minute conversation, we cover a tremendous array of topics, including their backgrounds, what's critical to sell right now, what sales activity really means right now, advice on how to develop in this moment, and how to create positive relationships with your clients AND throughout your organization. You NEED to check it out here (also, the initial picture of me is WELL worth the price of admission):

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