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  • Brett Zalaski

Top Seller Podcast: Ted Glick

While people are moving fast in sports these days, few enter the industry and are running their own ticket sales team within three years. Most #sportsbiz people aren't Ted Glick. Ted's run through the ranks at the 76ers, the Devils, and is now running the show at one of the most successful USL team's going, Sacramento Republic FC.

Here Ted talks about selling a team that's losing, his process, the similarities and differences he saw selling different sports in different markets, what drives him, as well as those that have influenced him along his journey. It's a remarkable use of 50 minutes, and his energy will be a shot in the arm to anyone in the industry.

We're almost there on the audio! Bookmark this, take a jog or walk this weekend for an hour and really take in everything here. A tremendous 50 minutes with a young man who's navigated the #sportsbiz industry very quickly...but absolutely earned every step of the way.

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